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Cyber Slide Motor

Cyber Slide Motor is a motorized add-on which is being attached to Cyber Slide models. Cyber Slide Motor, enables to achieve perfectly stable slides. With Cyber Slide Motor you can create motion time-lapses and work on virtual axis without any restrictions.

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Cyber Slide Motor is the ultimate sliding motor solution for linear movements. Due to ultra silent motor driving technology high torque motor works extremely smooth under even heavy loads.

Interchangeable internal battery provides long-lasting battery life while keeping the flexibility of changing the battery in the long production process.


Cyber Slide Motor is capable of controlling the shutter of cameras for advanced timelapse shots. 

Our mobile application which controls Cyber Slide Motor gives you the freedom to create complex, programable motion lapses with a click of a button.

Cyber Slide Motor comes with an industry-standard 2.5mm shutter output. 

V mount and Gold mount battery input options make Cyber Slide Motor unmatched due to its long-lasting battery life.

Power input from batteries can power up your system and at the same time change the internal batteries of Cyber Slide Motor. Even if your V mount or Gold mount batteries die you still have hours to keep on shooting with charged internal batteries of Cyber Slide Motor.

Internal batteries are also fully changeable by customers. The only thing you need to do is swap your fully charged 3 x 18650 batteries to keep on shooting.


Backlash-free Gear Structure for Accurate Shots

Ultra Silent Motion Controller

​All MacroRec motorized products use the backlash-free patented motor control and backlash prevention system design. With our patented design, we achieve perfectly repeatable, smooth motions for even incline shot without any degree of working limitation.


All MacroRec motorized devices are being controlled by a unique motor driving algorithm. In order to give maximum power and durability from electronic components to every single element has been developed from the ground up.

MacroRec motion control system will give you maximum power with high efficiency while meeting precise positioning requirements.


Cyber Slide Motor is fully capable of wirelessly connecting to other modules of Cyber Slider System.

It can be attached to dedicated end block. Within seconds it is ready to create silky smooth and constant slide motions.








626 gr

110 x 110 x 80mm

Vertical axis 40 lbs (18,2 kg)
Horizontal axis 60 lbs (27 kg)

5 hours / Constant Video
30 hours / Time Lapse

*external batteries can be used for extended usage


Battery Supply:

Power Output: 



Fully capable of working with V-Mount / Gold Month batteries

12V 1A for powering up Monitors / Cameras / Sound Recorders

2.5mm Jack Output for shutter control during Time Lapse



Most Advanced Mobile Controller Ever

MacroRec mobile app instantly scans available devices within the range and connects them according to your need for combinations.

Applications clear workflow gives you the opportunity to focus on your shot even with highly customizable complex shots.

Configure the Action button and devices to suit your workflow. Choose between the rapid move, loop, single action, or assign multi-function to activate gesture-controlled action button configuration. Or use different features for motion control, timelapse, sequence photo, rotational photo, and turntable.

You can adjust the speed and acceleration of the transition between each target. Or, you can easily create time-lapse videos by using the same targets.

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